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On September 30th, 2023 | Saturday, 9 am PST (Los Angeles Time zone).


Introducing our one-of-a-kind Mixed-Media is Savage workshop, designed for those looking to explore their creativity in a unique and exciting way. Join us for a full day of online learning, where we'll explore the world of mixed-media art and unlock your inner artist. I will guide you through the process of creating stunning works of art using a variety of mediums and techniques. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to unleash your imagination and explore the limitless possibilities of mixed-media art. Sign up today and discover the savage beauty of mixed-media


In this class we'll go along...


. Introduction

- Not how, but why!


. Originality?

- Fear to create, Impostor Syndrome… fuck all that…..this is Magic!


. Concept and Unlock your creativity.

- What really is Mixed-Media?

- The Main Rule for Mixed-Media.

- What the fuck is Dada, and how will Dada save your ass?


. Inspiration.

-What are the goodies?


. How can it be used?

-Is there a niche?


. Don’t Go to Jail.

- Public Domain X Creative Commons X Royalty Free.


. Resourcing Assets.

- Sites: Free and Paid.

- A.I. ?


. Creating your Assets.

- The go-to Equipments.

- Capturing Textures and elements. (hands, Shoes and flooring)


. Digital Tools

- Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D. (But it really can be any software

of your choice)


. Let’s Analyze.

- Stills

- Animation with Characters.

- Animation Motion Graphics.


. Hands-On

- Dos and Don’ts!


. Let’s create stuff

- Punk vibe, free, music and fashion industry.

- Corporative vibe.

- Finding the direction and research.

- Tips to make your visual badass!

- Treatment (Halftone, color correction, and style)


. Animation.

- To Rigg or not to Rigg.

- Getting the right vibe

- Tricks









1 week on a exclusive Slack channel where you can network with your classmates and show me progress or ask questions!

Mixed-Media is Savage | Workshop

Excluding Sales Tax

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