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Ariel Costa delivers an untypical spot for 1792 Bourbon that seamlessly delivers on their "Untypical" tagline. With his signature mixed-media-collage style, Ariel takes realistic elements and distorts them into a surreal world that flips the script on what a traditional whiskey spot can be. Say goodbye to gravelly-voiced, whiskey-in-the-woods, campfire provincialism. And hello to cosmopolitan collage, stylized storytelling, and a jazz-fueled journey into the "Untypical."


Director Ariel Costa
Client Sazerac Bourbons 
Production Co Hornet 
Managing Director Hana Shimizu 
Head of Production Karen Lawler 
Head of Creative Development Kristin Labriola 
Executive Producer Marty Geren 
Production Supervisor Dez Stavracos 
Producer Justine Webster 
Editor Sam Stulin 

Pre Production 
Storyboard Ariel Costa 
Character Designer Ariel Costa 
Environment Designer Hugo Leick, Gabriel Silveira, Hannah Kim 

CG CG Generalist Rodrigo Lescano 

Lead Animator Ariel Costa 
Animator Mark Davis, Amalia Lage, Cristian Morales, Manu Correa Soto 
Compositor Ariel Costa 

Chief Creative Officer Dave Damman 
SVP Executive Creative DirectorsJonatan Maldonado, Aron Cleary 
Art Director Ryan Bailey 
Executive Producer Danielle Keenan 
Associate Director of Strategy Adam Panetta
Brand Director Roger Angel

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