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OnePlus x Hasselblad

A super short film.

Hasselblad is an iconic brand, from registering the first image of the earth, to the Beatle’s Abbey Road and many more. The Hasselblad tech I now in the palm of your hand. Made possible by Oneplus.

OnePlus Dir Cut (0-01-10-10).jpg



Direction: Ariel Costa

Production Company:

EPs: Gustavo Karan, Juli Zajaczkowski and Chris Colman

Copywrite: Sid Osna, Gustavo Karan
Producers: Agustine Kröl, Yeeman Lin, Jenny Song
Art direction: Federico Maksimiuk
Design: Rocio Galarza, Federico Maksimiuk, Juan Martin Ayerbe and Ariel Costa
Animation: Federico Maksimiuk, Juan Martin Ayerbe
and Ariel Costa

3D: Rodrigo Lescano

Frames and Process (click to see full)

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