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Carrera Panamericana |10th Year anniversary.

Using historical accounts and dynamic design, Final Frontier Director Ariel Costa tells the story of a pivotal moment in Porsche's history: winning the 1952 Carrera Panamericana.
To mark the seventieth anniversary of the race, Porsche commissioned The Community to create "One Icon Leads to Another," a story told through the words of mechanic Herbert Linge, who helped the team cross the finish line.

The narrative follows the unlikely underdog to victory and celebrates the 70th anniversary of the win with a new car inspired by the 1952 model. As a part of this campaign, proceeds from the sale of this new car will be donated to charity.

The style of the film features collage-inspired, animated scenes with real black and white photographs from the race.


Direction, Design, and Animation: Ariel Costa


Production Company: Final Frontier

Additional illustration: Malena de Luca

Additional Animation: Facundo Brunella

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