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Ernie Ball

Slinky Story.

Ernie Ball is celebrating our 60th anniversary. To highlight the fun and vibrant culture of the brand, the guitar company got me onboard to create this 4 minute animation. The Slinky story highlights the formation and evolution of the iconic Slinky brand of rock-n-roll guitar strings and the incredible impact these strings had on the development of the rock-n-roll guitar. The Ernie Ball company has been the world's #1 electric guitar string brand for over 60 years pioneering custom gauge electric guitar strings that have become the industry standard. 


Direction, Design, and Animation: Ariel Costa

Additional illustration: Lisett Ledon

Music: Blues Saraceno.

SoundFX and VO: William Overby

ErnieBall_SlinkyStory_Full (0-00-09-02).jpg
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