Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Animation Reel.

"Won't you be my Neighbor?" Is the amazing documentary directed by the Academy winner Morgan Neville. I was blessed when I was invited to be part of this beautiful project. 
I'm responsible for all the animations in the film.
What you can see here, it's a quick reel of this animated universe. For a deep experience, I highly recommend you to watch the full picture.
"Won't you be my Neighbor?" It's out on Blue-ray and Digital.


Director: Morgan Neville
Distributed by: Focus Features
Producers: Morgan Neville, Nicholas Ma, Caryn Capotosto

Animation Director: Ariel Costa
Producers: Morgan Neville, Nicholas Ma, Caryn Capotosto
Design and Animation: Ariel Costa, Rodrigo Miguel.


Frames and Process (click to see full)

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